Lets talk about skin for a moment! Its the largest organ of the body and has so many wonderful functions. It protects our bodies from the outside environment and gives us the ability to feel sensations such as touch or pressure. Yet, as a nation we often neglect our skin, leaving it to be the last thing we take care of!

Here I will give you some simple tips to help your skin this winter. It all begins from within with the simplest step of all upping your water intake. It helps to regulate body temperature, flush out toxins and give a clearer complexion. Now I know water can seem boring so maybe a squeeze of lemon juice or a flavored water to keep it interesting is always a good step!

My other advice is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Again this is such a simple step and it protects your skin from the elements be sure to use one with an spf even in winter. A small amount of moisturiser can go along way and stop your skin from drying out or even cracking ouch!!

Now that the winter months are arriving along with the winter weather, these simple steps will help protect your skin from both inside and out.

Have a fabulous day
Love Janice, Diana and the girls xx

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